Web development is a creative collaboration between JCW Consulting and the client. John actively encourages client participation during the project.


  • initial consultation
  • content parameters and delivery
  • visual and infrastructure production
  • client review
  • final configuration and testing
  • official web launch

John has built websites of all sizes and types. WordPress is utilized on most projects for its scalability and ease of use. WordPress also indexes efficiently into the search engines and is an excellent platform for larger sites with multiple levels of content.

John’s production process is customized to your individual needs, ensuring the highest level of customer service possible.

mobile web

Optimum website functionality on mobile devices is now mandatory. Robust rendering on both iOS and Android platforms is critical to reach your target audience. With the onset of 4G/LTE, broadband data has also become faster than ever. A lightweight mobile website will decrease your website’s load time, enabling users to view content quickly and easily.

By default, John develops websites utilizing responsive design. This allows efficient browsing on all device types and platforms, reaching the broadest web demographic possible.


digital imaging

John has worked with Adobe Creative Suite since 1992. His primary tools are Photoshop and Lightroom. When necessary, he has photographed for artists, craftsmen, ecommerce catalogs and other clients. His editing skills span fine detail retouching, bulk image processing and photo restoration. He has also provided professional photographers with event and portraiture post-production services.



John’s educational background is in editorial journalism. With this training and over 10 years of practical experience, he offers the following content services:

  • line editing
  • custom copywriting
  • resume writing

John can articulate your message with clarity and brevity. He has written for various publications including newspapers, industry trade journals and websites. His editing credits include book manuscripts, resumes, term papers, formal letters and poetry.



Need a new company logo? Don’t have time to produce a marketing brochure or rackcard? John’s experience includes both graphic design and typesetting. He has laid out everything from business cards to book covers to leaflets. Let John help create a distinctive branding presentation for your important business or personal venture.



With almost 20 years of experience, JCW Consulting offers prompt, reliable IT support at reasonable prices. We’re familiar with both Mac and PC platforms, peripherals, networking and hardware repair.

Services include:

  • computer tune-up / configuration
  • virus / spyware / malware removal
  • software / operating system installation
  • peripheral ( printer / scanner / digital camera / webcam ) installation
  • data backup / migration

Please contact John anytime if you’re experiencing trouble with your computer or small business network.