I’ve been composing poems since 2001. At first they functioned as a cathartic vent, since I couldn’t emotionally express myself due to unresolved childhood trauma. After a while, though, the poetry took on a life of its own. Please allow me to explain: I can effectively boil paragraphs down into concise two or three line stanzas within a poem & fully convey my core feelings in the process. To me this represents an incredibly powerful, efficient means of self-expression.

In October 2009, I published my first poetry collection, Emotional Fissures, now re-released as a third edition & available for purchase in both print & eBook versions.

Most recently, I’ve compiled a second collection of 34 more poems called Inner Pathways. It’s also now available for purchase in both print & eBook versions.

Additionally, both titles are now available for Barnes & Noble Nook users in ebook format:

Spoken Word

Most of my poetry is meant to be read silently in a quiet, contemplative setting. However, I have actually been encouraged to record some pieces in spoken word format. Thus, below is a handpicked selection of these unorthodox samples for your consideration. Hopefully my verbal delivery does each poem some semblance of justice in conveying its emotional impact.

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