“I’d like to thank John Winchell for building my new website. He was truly professional and a real pleasure to work with. He incorporated some of my ideas and many of his own into the site. It turned out better than I ever imagined! I strongly recommend John for web development and content production.”

— Adam Pearl, Residential Kitchen Contractor


“I’ve had several websites over the years, designed by various companies, but have never been truly happy with any of them (including the one I designed myself). I mentioned to John that I wanted a clean, simple, web presence that profiles my retail store. Within a couple of days, John had my site basically completed, and it was exactly how I had imagined. All of my thoughts and requests in the design were considered. It was perfect! Professional looking site by a professional web designer. Thank you, John!”

— Kevin M. Sylver, Retail Store Owner


“I searched for over a year for a knowledgeable, responsive WordPress consultant to help me debug my Internet site. After spending hundreds of dollars working with so-called ‘experts’ who took simple problems and made them look complicated, I finally found John Winchell. In two days he scrubbed my site of bugs, updated my site’s security, and restored my peace of mind. And he did with good cheer at reasonable cost.

If you are full of ideas but short on technical know-how, John’s your go-to guy.”

— Leslie Schultz, Editor


“John Winchell is a terrific web designer. We met when I was the publicist for a play based on a chapter in time which, to get the full idea, required a lot of historical background. When meeting with the playwright, I said if I were to include all the necessary information into a press release, nobody would read it. We need to have a website where people can visit that and learn as much about 10th Century Cordoba as they choose.

Enter John – he put up a page in a day and in less than a week all bases were covered. He added revisions quickly as they came along. He is both computer savvy and has a writer’s eye. All this he accomplishes with care, accuracy, and patience. You never have to think, ‘I can’t ask him for one more thing.’ For my next project, I know I’ll be phoning JCW Consulting.”

— Philip Caggiano, Theater Publicist


“I wanted a website that captured the essence of the product and conceptual framework that I wished to offer. John is versatile regarding both availability for collaborating/site set-up and for meeting customer needs, especially if you’re not too technically inclined. John intuitively helps design your site with you, gaining the sense of what you want, even when you’re not entirely sure, yourself.

In my case, he was my brainstorming  partner, helping me develop my webpage’s concept while assisting in selecting the best-fitting colors, font, layout and pictures to optimize deliverance of my product’s message. Until closing the business in 2017, I had lots of compliments on the site itself – always a great response!”

— Jeannie Heroux, Qigong Instructor


“I have found John’s consulting expertise insightful and creative as he performed a review of my web projects. His advice is direct, honest, and informative. I found John to have a strong attention to detail that is so very valuable to content creation. I highly recommend John Winchell for web design and content management. His fresh outlook and breadth of knowledge contributes greatly to any business or informational project.”

— Janet Doucette, LMHC