Hello – I’m John. I was born & raised in the Southeast. In 1986, I moved to Cape Cod, MA. After high school, I attended UMass-Amherst & graduated with a BA in Journalism. Over the next decade, my post-baccalaureate education comprised of graphic arts, web design & printmaking coursework at schools in both Boston & the SF Bay Area.

My next adventure involved embarking on multiple cross-country trips to find an ideal home base for permanent relocation. To date, that place hasn’t quite revealed itself. Honestly, I’ve found it difficult to ground in many regions, which supports my theory of personal energetic alignment with a precise geographic area.

Since leaving New England in 2016, I’ve mainly migrated between Asheville, NC & Central FL over the last several years.

Accordingly, my nomadic lifestyle has required the adoption of relative minimalism. Other than a few key items for modern life logistics & sanity maintenance, I don’t own much. It’s actually nice to know that my terrestrial carbon footprint is so small. Eventually though, I do want to settle down somewhere grounding & comfortable once the search ends. Until then, I strive to remain as light & mobile as possible.

Thanks for reading, & hope you enjoy the site!

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