JCW Consulting was informally founded in 2000 by John C. Winchell. John grew up in the South for 15 years before moving to Cape Cod in 1986. Upon finishing high school, he enrolled in college and went on to graduate cum laude from UMass-Amherst with a BA in Journalism. John’s diverse IT experience is built on web production positions at several small companies in the Barnstable, MA area.

His first website, Cape Cod Bike Guide, was a free informational resource about Cape Cod area bicycling. For John, an avid cyclist, it was a labor of love. As time passed, he was casually contracted by friends and employers to create sites for their own personal and small business ventures. As demand slowly grew, so did the scope of John’s projects.

In 2004, he consummated this side-business with a dedicated website and name, Show Don’t Tell Consulting. Since then, John has worked on a 3.5 year content production contract and for other clients in various development capacities.

In late 2012, John decided to personalize his business by renaming it JCW Consulting and registering the domain johncwinchell.com.