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    Welcome - here you'll find samples from all my forms of personal expression: photography, poetry, traditional drumming & aerial videography. Examples from each of these disciplines can be found on the portfolio page. I must be honest: it's taken quite a while to finally open up & express my personal truth to the world. If you find anything relatable &/or useful here, I'd love to hear about it. Please feel free to drop a note if the spirit moves you. Otherwise, enjoy your visit & be well...  



Hello – I’m John. I was born in Dalton, GA & grew up around the South for 15 years before moving to Cape Cod, MA in 1986. Upon finishing high school, I earned a BA in Journalism from UMass-Amherst. Afterwards, I took several semesters of post-baccalaureate coursework in graphic arts, web design & printmaking at the New England Institute of Art in Boston then Academy of Art University in San Francisco, respectively.

After revisiting the Cape post-college, it became increasingly clear I didn’t belong there anymore. Thus, I drove cross-country several times seeking somewhere to settle down & connect with the land. To date, that elusive place hasn’t revealed itself. Truthfully, I find it hard to ground in many places…which supports my theory of personal syncopation with a very specific geographic frequency.

Since leaving New England, I’ve migrated for several years between Asheville, NC & Central FL. Now to answer your next question: no, I don’t momentarily have a permanent home.

My nomadic lifestyle has forced me to become somewhat of a minimalist. Other than a few key items for modern life survival like a car, computer, mountain bike & surfboard, I don’t own much else. It’s actually comforting to know I don’t exert a huge carbon footprint on the planet. I would, however, very much like to land someplace genuinely comfortable after all this exploration. Until then, I try to remain as light & mobile as possible. Thanks for reading, & hope you enjoy the site!




I’ve been composing poetry since probably 2001. It originally began as a vent to equalize emotionally, since I always communicated better through writing than speech. I can boil paragraphs of thought down into concise verses within a poem & most effectively express my core feelings in the process. Below is a handpicked selection of pieces for your consideration. To add some extra emphasis, they’ve been self-recorded in spoken word format. I also self-published a small format paperback compilation in 2009 – you can check it out on Amazon.

Traditional Drumming

Drumming has been a part of my personal landscape for over 25 years, now. Ironically, I began by trying to follow Neil Peart’s drumlines in Rush songs back during the ’90s on my lap. My percussion medium then evolved into djembes, congas &, most recently, doumbeks. This jam was self-recorded several years ago when I was feeling “rhythmically motivated.” Hope you enjoy it!


Aerial Videography

coming soon…


If you’re inspired by &/or find any of the content here useful within your own paradigm, I’d love to hear about it – please drop a line using the simple contact form below. I’m always open to feedback on my creative work. For project collaboration inquires, please email me directly (info@johncwinchell.com) anytime.

Thanks again for visiting, & feel free to check back for future site updates!

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